Vendor Advocacy

Choosing the right agent with the right marketing plan at the right price can be a tricky business. We can help you cut thru the "agent speak" so you can achieve the best possible outcome

 Most vendor advocates tell you it will cost you nothing (or no “extra”) for their advice and service, because they will get a “cut” from the selling agents fee (commission).

Let me explain.  Typically a vendor’s advocate will interview a number of agents and select who they think will be the best one for the job. Part of this process -and a very important part, is negotiating the best possible fee (commission). Essentially they are trying to negotiate their own fees downwards (as their fee or "cut" forms part of the commission) – not sure how hard they would try! In my experience the "recommended" agent turns out to be the one with the highest commission - but their appointment is jutified in other ways. It's easy to see how a conflict of interest may arise....!! 

There is also the consideration that unless the property is successfully sold that the vendors advocate will not be paid anyhing - therefore their motivation for a result is no different from the agent they have helped appoint. It then logically follows that their advice has the real possibility of being clouded by the need for a sale. So to us it doesn’t make sense to appoint an agent to oversee another agent when their collective motivation is toget paid from a sale – when in the end that may not be the best outcome for your situation.(We know its preferred but it may not be the best for you at the time if the price doesn’t allow you to do the things that motivated your need or desire to sell in the first place)

Our experienced service and advice offers the following:-

  • evaluation of market price of the property (or arranging a formal valuation which in many cases can set the basis of a reserve price or an incentive scheme for the appointed agency)
  • interview of selected and reputable agents,(remember we've been in the business for over 30 years and we know who the good ones are - even within an organisation) then vetting each proposal to assess suitability for representation
  • appointment of agent with best possible terms
  • analysis of market program most suitable to you property and budget
  • putting in place appropriate reporting mechanism from the agency to ensure all aspects of marketing program and inspections are carried out
  • assistance with negotiations when offers received
  • attendance at auction (if that marketing method chosen)

Our Vendor Advocacy service is based on a fee for service arrangement at very attractive rates for affiliated union members and organisations. That is to say, we will provide an agreed evaluation, service and advisory level at an agreed fixed price - with the first consultation always free.  If you would like to know more or have a confidential discission to see if this is for you please click on the "Learn More" button below, leave your details and we'll be in touch. Otherwise phone Frank Troost on 0418 884 733.