Our Criteria

We don't just offer any property - we conduct a strict property selection criteria.

 Some of the criteria for off the plan include the following: (We also do established residential and commercial properties)

  1. Who is the developer?
  2. Are they reputable?
  3. Do they have a strong track record?
  4. Do they use quality builders?
  5. For “off the plan” we look at fixture and fittings schedule (not only what’s included, but what might be missing?).
  6. We analyse design and orientation – to “cherry pick” the best available.
  7. Must be close to public transport – in particular tram or train
  8. Proximity to shops, cafes  & restaurants
  9. Proximity to recreational and lifestyle facilities
  10. We analyse pricing to ensure appropriate to suburb and realistic in today’s market – not speculating on future value at settlement that many off the plan developments spruik.
  11. We track the capital growth history for the suburb the development is located to assess long term growth potential.
  12. We assess potential rental demand (and price) and establish that there will be an underlying long term rental demand for type of property offered.
  13. We have the contract checked by our legal partners to ensure there are no abnormalities or loopholes that protect the interest of the developers – but not yours!
  14. We check where possible whether there are any other developments approved, proposed or underway that may have an adverse effect on the property and its future potential growth.

Essentially we conduct a thorough “due diligence” process before the property is offered for your consideration.