Choose from our group buy members only package deals (saving you thousand $$$) or register for our exclusive "pre release" opportunities - choose from the best (not what's left!)

With literallly thousands of properties right across Victoria it can be difficult and very time consuming to narrow down what it is that makes that one property perfect for you?  As there is no "one size fits all" option, Members Property has been set up to help members of affiliated unions and organisations make the best financial property decisions tailored specifically for their needs.

At Members Property we dedicate ourselves to researching properties coming up across Victoria and as such we only select properties which have passed our strict criteria to recommend to members.

Members Property has excellent resources and therefore the ability to offer members a number of attractive options which can range from pre-release properties, whereby you have a selection of the best available before going to the general market, or it may include a "package" which has been negotiated on members' behalf which will save you thousands of dollars.

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